Thursday, August 19, 2010

Three Cheers for the Dennis/Fischer Wedding!

She's always been one of those girls I looked up to. When my cousins lived at my grandmother's house, we saw each other every day after school. And Susie was beyond cool in my eyes. She braided my hair, knew how to cheerlead, and she talked to boys (being that she was a few years older than me, this was very impressive).

And now, I couldn't think of a day that I have thought Susie was any cooler than the day she married Kellen. She found the most perfect guy I could have imagined for her. It's actually hard to remember when Kellen arrived in our family, because he and his daughters fit in oh-so-well. Our family has grown to love them as one of our own, and are delighted that it's finally set in stone! (Well, legal documents will do.)

Now, Patrick and I were actually there to record the wedding for their wedding video. I just lucked out and got to shoot a few shots. And big thanks Emery & Company Photos, who did their actual wedding photos and did a fantastic job and let us work as we needed to and understanding what we were doing.

Cheers to Susie & Kellen!

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Susan said...

You captured them so well!beautiful job